Thursday, September 12, 2013


I was a little blown away this week while watching a segment on the Today Show.  No, I wasn't infuriated by the forced joviality between hosts (pretending like they've never cooked or adding ridiculous jokes after a piece make me want to scream and toss my TV in the Hudson River!). This was a back-to-school segment that made me feel as old as the chairs I'm about to talk about!  Backpacks with ipod ports, APPs to help with homework, special computers just for Schoolwork, shoes with hiding places (and don't get me started on the bullet-proof line profiled on another network)  What the heck happened to Trapper Keepers and Tupperware lunch boxes with separate containers for sandwiches and treats?? It's shocking to think that when I was in junior high school we TYPED our term papers on Smith Caronoa's and I'm sure kids these days are NAMED Smith Caronoa!!  Speaking of old dogs, YES, you can teach them new tricks!  Take the hundred year old farmhouse chairs I found at an antique store in upstate New York (top photo) for $65 for all four.  The bottom photo is NOT the "after" shot (notice they're different chairs) but to show a client how I would create a modern farmhouse look in her weekend cottage, I showed her the picture.  When the wretched humidity goes away here in the northeast (last week we were in sweaters, the last two days in t-shirts and apparently back to sweaters by Saturday!) I plan to take my green chairs back out to the driveway, sand them down, prime them with one spray each of Z-primer then hit them with a high gloss grey.  The table I'm grouping them with is far more modern than the one pictured above and will, hopefully, gracefully marry two total different periods into one lovely statement!