Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I know, I know, chalkboard paint is soooooo four years ago, but when I have a can of paint in the garage, darn it, I'll use it!  I call it Attention Deficit Design (ADD)...Saturday, while re-organizing my hall closet, I headed out to our garage to find an extra plastic bin to house bath accessories for guests.  Before I reached the bins my eyes stopped on a can of chalkboard paint I used in a clients bathroom last year (a teenager wanted a cool bathroom, so I painted one wall next to his toilet with chalkboard paint so his friends could write messages while they powdered their noses).  Next to that was a catering box of wine glasses (used in a staging job last week, clearly I got distracted when re-stocking them), so eager to take on a new project, I opened the chalkboard paint and dipped the bottom of each glass into the can, stopping slightly above the base on the stem.  I let them dry for a few minutes and sampled my new design with a little chalk.  Next time we have a dinner party I can make my guests feel right at home with personalized wine glasses...now back to organizing that hall closet!