Wednesday, August 21, 2013


We're an interesting bunch of wandering creatures, us humans, aren't we??  In fact, a few wandered through my pantry last week and made fun of my labeled shelves and, with no hint of defensive tone in my voice, I explained that by labeling items and keeping an inventory I have helped my relationship last much, much longer.  How, you might ask?  Maybe you can relate to a little story that happens to us on any given much better half (and I mean that without sarcasm of course) while brilliant in most ways, has the patience of a death row convict holding a shotgun when it comes to projects at home.  If he can't find a tool instantly (why, exactly, would we keep power tools under the bathroom sink just because you decide to tackle that project that day?) he races out to whatever store and buys a duplicate before I have a chance to point out where it is.  We have enough drill drivers to build ten houses and, recently, enough Romano cheese to feed Italy for three years (not sure why, but every time we go to the store he tosses in a few packs as I say, "umm we have about ten of those already..").  Last weekend it was a stroll through Sams club to purchase an electronic item, when our cart stopped in the paper aisle where my lovely other half, not listening to me as usual, tossed in enough paper products to cover our home...and wipe every face...six times.  When we got home and started putting things away he looked at our incredibly organized shelf and said, "oh, we already had those...and lots of them!"
I do this at least four times a year (somehow always coordinating with the seasons), but I review our overstock items...water, detergent, cleaning products, paper towels, etc. and make a new list so those trips to the big stores once a month are more fruitful than full of junk.  Buying in bulk means saving big, especially when you have kiddos.