Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Ahhhh, Moms across the country, can you hear that?  The sweet sound of silence as the pitter patter of little shoes heads back to school?  The other day as I strolled the aisles of Target, I overheard a mother  sigh, "I'm sad the kids are heading back to school, I've so loved having them home for the summer," while another mother with two whining children dripping off of her arms, channeling Cher's character in Moon Struck, wanted to slap her and scream, "SNAP OUT OF IT!"(at least I imagined that by the look in her eyes).  One mother, with a son heading back to college, called me to help rescue his mess of a room at their beach home into a more soothing space for guests.  While keeping a few key pieces for bedroom functions (a daybed found at a garage sale for $20 and vintage dresser repainted in high gloss black paint) she wanted to infuse color into the drab white space.  While I think coral is so five years ago, this client loves it more than a back to school sale, so I found a few toss pillows and spent less than $50 on all other accessories.
I love finding a great deal, especially in someones attic or back yard!  A few inexpensive accessories went a long way in this refresh.  The hanging pendant light I grabbed at Ikea for $1.99, the mirror I gobbled up at a tag sale for $5, the floor vase came from Home Goods for $9 and the bright red coral benches in the foreground???  I found those bits of wood in her backyard, primed them with latex primer and covered them with five layers of fire engine red paint.  While I wasn't in love with the coral theme in this beach house, I do love a pop of hot red!