Monday, August 5, 2013


This weekend Joe reminded me that I usually complain all summer about how much I can't stand it, and this weekend I wanted to soak in every minute of beautiful sunshine, grab onto summer and not let it go.  As much as I love fall and the holidays that roll around it, I can't believe we're already well on our way down the road of August!!  In the northeast we've been blessed with incredibly mild weather the last few wretched humidity, no high temperatures, just lovely fall-like weather with zero humidity, so yeah, I love that!  Even though I relaxed enough to almost forget about work this weekend, I had a few things on my mind, from dining to designing.  After a weekend (and summer) of eating just about everything, I was craving healthy treats to enjoy as we read the Sunday paper in the sun.  In less than five minutes I created lovely fruit skewers by using a melon baller and diving into cantaloupe, melon and mango.  Once the balls were created,  I shoved them on kabob sticks and enjoyed the healthy treat while thinking of something else neat.  On Saturday, during a brief thunderous downpour, we popped into an antique store in Hyde Park, New York where I found a pile of old National Geographic magazines filled with cool maps.  Apparently, at least in our area, maps are trending because this antique mall had many framed, vintage maps for no less than $400.  So, for less than $4 I bought a pile of old magazines, came home and grabbed unused frames and created unique artwork and a fun conversation piece.  As I start to panic today with several clients waiting for me to perform, I'm channeling those calmer moments from the last couple days and forging ahead.  Happy Monday folks!