Tuesday, August 20, 2013


The September issue of Vogue magazine is legendary and this year is no different, with more pages than any past year it weighs enough that if added to your workout routine, you're guaranteed to lose weight fast!  While fashionistas drool over September issues like Vogue, this designista looks forward to all of the Interior design magazines September issues.  In fact, the Pottery Barn catalog just landed in my mailbox and I was shocked to see PUMPKINS already adorning the glossy pages (who am I kidding, I LOVE when the holidays come early, so have already ear marked several pages). It did remind me, however, the passing of one season into another can only mean one thing..SALES and GREAT DEALS (well, that's two things)!  I purchased the above outdoor pillows five years ago at Pottery Barn at the end of summer for 75% off and I can honestly say they look like they just arrived.  Constructed of outdoor sunbrella fabric these gems are made for summer comfort, but as I've mentioned over and over I use outdoor pillows and fabric in our dog-filled house and five years of slobber, urine (hopefully not too much), wine stains and other drips and drabs have not done one thing to tarnish these pillows or my love for them.  So, if you're sad about the passing of summer, bring yourself back to life by purchasing some fabulous goodies ON SALE!