Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Because it's hot and steamy I decided to use bright, cheery colors today in telling the tale of a few cool tips.  It's way too hot to spend time outside this week, so just like the brittle cool days of winter when you want to bundle up on a warm sofa, make this time indoors productive by getting organized.  The three areas I've profiled are the most I'm asked about, so grab a cool glass of ice-tea, water or coffee (I like to use whatever is left over from my morning brew, pour it into ice trays and the next day my coffee is yummy and COLD).
Cindy in Michigan asked me for a simple tip to organize her scarf collection (she complained about them always ending up on the closet floor).  This is a trick I've used to organize men's ties, and is perfect for the scarf collection...paper towel holders hung on the wall work beautifully, are inexpensive and found just about anywhere.  For a more modern look, I enjoy a stainless steel towel holder from Target for $7.99.
More frustrated people ask me how to organize messy mudrooms, especially with a house full of children.  I love dedicating bins, baskets or other cubby-sized organizers so the kids know that is the only space they have to toss whatever it is when they walk in the front door.  This system (in the second photo) is a simple one from Ikea with coat hooks and three hanging baskets, one for each kiddo.
I believe my first true love was actually a label maker I found at Staples.  Because we have guest bedrooms with full beds, queens and twins, sheet sets get a bit confusing to sort out, so here are a few ways I keep my sheet together.  I prefer to stock each bedroom with sheets for that bed, towels, etc. but if you don't have the space in each room (because kids junk can take over just about anything) I like to dedicate a shelf in a closet to each size sheet and, yes, label it.  That way I am never running around the house searching for sheets.