Wednesday, July 10, 2013


On the train the other day heading home from a long, humid day in the city, I tried to keep myself calm as the man sitting next to me screamed into his cellphone in that self-important, grandiose way only someone who does such a thing can do!  An hour later when we squeaked, rattled and rolled into my stop, this once-loud mouth was snoring on my shoulder.  A quick shake sent him to his feet where, gasp, this well dressed Wal-Streeter had wandered around all day, I assumed, wearing his belt outside of the loops.  This got me thinking...and chuckling...about how my day had started searching for the perfect belt to wrap around my imperfect waist.  When I reached into my closet hoping to land my hands on a lovely Italian made piece of leather, anticipation quickly turned to frustration when I found my collection of belts, like frightened snakes, in a disorganized pile on the floor.  Apparently they had wandered off their perch, high atop a shelf, to sudden death on my closet floor, resting between Ferragamo and Converse.  Instead of crying for my fallen belts, I zipped outta there (I was late for the train, after all) but somehow, at the end of an incredibly long day, the annoying man speaking loudly about nothing, forced a light bulb moment and guaranteed a better start to my tomorrow.
**The other thought I was having on the train right before the man stood up to reveal his wardrobe malfunction...I've been writing these silly tips and tats for FIVE AND A HALF YEARS with well over 1,500 entries and now, some months, close to 9,000 unique visitors.  WOWZAH!  Thank you SO much for stopping by..and coming back again and again!  Hopefully by the time year six rolls around I'll have a hard-copy version of Hechtips..stay tuned..UNTIL THEN.
To create the perfect spot for my slippery belts I took a pant hanger and screwed cup holders (from the Home Depot $1.99/6) on each side in stepped form (so on the other side the hooks end up between the hooks on the opposite side..otherwise you'd be screwing into the back of the other it?).  Now my belts are exactly where I left them the night before and ready for another long day!