Monday, July 15, 2013


I feel like my design blog has turned into a running dialogue of my daily complaints about the weather, but what can I say, it's friggin hot outside!  If it isn't raining cats and dogs, I'm doing whatever I can to keep our dog cool on these incredibly humid days (ice cubes in her water is a must and she adores the pet ice cream, Frosty Paws, I found at our local grocery store in the ice cream aisle). To escape today's heat I've decided to sit in my air-conditioned office and share a few cool ideas with you for baby rooms.  My cousin Lindsey is expecting a little bundle of joy in September (it seems like yesterday I was changing her diapers) so all the talk and prep for the new family member got me thinking about fun designs for baby rooms.  When I attack a design project I always try to think outside the traditional design box, and a babies room is no different.  Instead of the traditional blue or pink designs, many people are opting for gender neutral rooms even when they know the sex of the baby ahead of time.  These designs are often easier to transition into a more grown-up kiddie space as the little ones graduate from the cradle to a bed.  I love to give baby something fun to look at, so wallpaper always seems to achieve this, but if that scares you, fun stripes do the trick too!  Because mom or dad will most likely be spending a lot of time in the space, it's important to make it comfy for them as well.  I like to push a twin bed against the wall, add large pillows to the back (like a daybed) to create both a comfortable place to sit or sleep and an easy transitional piece for when it's time to sleep like the big kids do.  Stores like Ikea and Target have fun canopies for over a bed for less than $30 and adding something unique like a chandelier makes the room interesting and gives baby something to stare at..instead of crying!  This little, precious bundle will only be a baby once, so make the time spent with them both comfortable and memorable!