Friday, July 19, 2013


I feel like an 80 year-old after a week-long bender of eating nothing but pinto beans and salsa...I keep REPEATING myself, but here goes again.  I simply love living on the east coast, and one of my favorite things about this gorgeous place is the ever changing landscape.  No matter what the weather man predicts, the skies are always the limit in our neighborhood.  The glorious artwork our lovely mother earth produces rolls over our area like cotton candy floating in a bathtub.  Constantly changing, never dull and always seductive, I am forever her attentive audience.  I mentioned a few weeks ago my new favorite FREE app from the itunes store, Snapfish, which allows you to manipulate a photograph taken on your smartphone by the swipe of a finger (the photo above has not been changed at all..another example of the gorgeous, ever-changing skyline in our area as two minutes before this was snapped the sky was windex blue).  Just like the 80 year-old with intestinal problems I, too, need a break.  So, I'll be back next Friday with more fabulous tips.  Until then, spend time catching up on your hechtips.  Pour yourself a lovely glass of whatever, re-read some you've already glanced through, practice a few I've preached and I'll see you in a week!