Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Some people wake up and read the newspaper, flip on the Today Show or thumb through various trade publications to get a jump start on their workday.  I, on the other hand, power up my trusty assistant (Siri and my iPad) and browse furniture outlets, online discount sites (like onekingslane.com and overstock.com) and anything and everything furniture and home decor looking for inspiration.  Last week a friend in Michigan, Nancy, directed my attention to a cool site featuring a world of retro loveliness, appropriately named Retro Planet (www.retroplanet.com).  Because many of my clients request that a nostalgic feeling pumps through the veins of their homes, my search for those unique pieces has just become a lot easier.  A journey to retro planet will take you from the diner you once visited as a kid (selling things like vintage napkin holders, dinette sets, old coke glasses, etc.) to the living room of the 50's you've always wanted (complete with 50's radio, furniture, records).  Last week I was stumped when it came to finding artwork for a bi-coastal client who splits her time between San Francisco and Manhattan, and then I stumbled upon these vintage travel posters for $11/each at retro planet.  Placed in over-sized stainless frames with matting from Ikea ($19.99/each) the colorful, whimsical posters create just the right pop I was looking for in this hip apartment.