Monday, June 17, 2013

Pee with a capital KID

While I love flipping through shelter magazines as much as the next (gay) guy, many of the gorgeous images displayed on the glossy pages leave me wondering if people actually live in those spaces.  I've always admired the simplicity of modern design, but it feels incredibly uncomfortable and cold to me.  In the same vein, rooms filled with antique rugs, fabric walls, chandeliers and dramatic European furnishings often beg the question...what if a kid spills ice cream on that sofa, or a dog piddles on the rug?  Just like the starving stick models splashed on covers draped in foolish clothing most wouldn't be caught dead wearing to the dump, some interior design magazines take "stylized interiors" a bit too far.  After all, kids spill.  Shoes often track mud on clean rugs.  And, yes, dogs pee..wherever they want.  A few years ago I mentioned a great find when I spotted sunbrella fabric-covered throw pillows at Pottery Barn on sale at the end of summer.  I grabbed a bunch and used them indoors in a pet-filled home of a client.  That client recently came back for more interior therapy after pets (and young children) destroyed one of her favorite sofas with slobber, urine and other bodily discharges.  I directed her to the sunbrella fabric site ( and others like JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, Calico Corners and even places like walmart and Ikea.  The colors and patterns of outdoor fabric have evolved from backyard drab to indoor fab!  So next time your kid decides to drop goo or your pet goes number two, don't fear, your fabric will wipe clear!