Monday, June 3, 2013


If you are anything like me, sometimes Mondays feel like a trip to the know you can't avoid them, but they just aren't all that fun.  Like everything else in life, though, time rolls on ahead and before you know it TUESDAY will be here!  I wasn't feeling terribly inspired today when I approached bare walls in a clients house that were desperate for attention.  Then, after a shot of caffeine, I remembered one of my favorite things to do on walls...little to nothing at all.  Sometimes the biggest, most dramatic impact can be one that's quite simple.  I went through a phase a few years ago where I'd stroll the aisles of antique stores and pick up fun, empty frames.  I had high hopes for those frames, assuming someday they'd wrap around fantastic photos of beautiful homes we'd live in, or help frame a perfect smile for eternity.  Instead I decided to sell them to one of the first clients I had in New York on the Upper East side of Manhattan.  When she first saw them (she was about as soft and lovely as a jack hammer) through her strong New Yawk accent she belted out, "what dumpstuh did you pull those wretched things out of?"  So, as I do with many clients, I ignored her, raced to a nearby over-priced hardware store and purchased three different shades of fabulous yellow paint in high gloss.  The following day this loud mouth was speechless when she walked in her entry and was greeted by a wall of frameless art.  That pain in the ass has become one of my biggest supporters and best city friends, and that project is one I like to repeat over and over. One frame on one wall is kinda like Mondays...boring, tedious and totally annoying, but frames of different sizes and shapes (all in the same color family) can look incredible just by themselves.  Bold statements, my friends, don't always have to be colorful ones!