Friday, June 21, 2013


Wow, is it really the first day of summer already?  Seems like yesterday we were shoveling ourselves out from under piles of snow, and this morning a subtle warning delivered from our weatherman; "enjoy your last night of comfortable sleeping weather because from here on out it's going to be hot and sticky!" YUK! I've written about tips involving drop cloths before (covering an outdoor sofa, creating a cool, modern shaded area in your backyard, alternatives to cabinet doors in a utility room, etc.) and today I have a few more tips for this great, inexpensive material.  This week I was running thin on a tight design budget for a client who wanted an entire home makeover for the cost of most designer sofas.  Nothing like a challenge, huh?  When I finished the interior spaces, I had pennies..literally spend on the beautiful outdoor patio area, so I headed to lunch for a salad and a session with my iPad.  Flipping through photos of past projects, I stopped on an image of a room being painted with a canvas drop cloth on the floor..and just like that, I had my light bulb moment!  To create drama, elegance and a cool shaded area on the porch, I ran to the Home Depot and purchased a 4'x15' canvas drop cloth by Trimaco for $12.  I also picked up a pack of grommets and bundle of rope.  Placing the grommets on the top of each canvas (for hanging) and bottom (to secure with rope to rocks or other heavy items to keep from blowing in the wind), I created a separate seating area protected from the harsh rays of the sun.  To lift each curtain, I thread the rope from the bottom grommet to the top and rolled it up, securing at the top.  While I can't stand the heat most days, I love coming up with hot ideas to keep cool!