Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I know it might sound crazy to think that you can decorate an entire home for less than $500, but what if I told you I accomplished that task in the home above for less than $400??  Sure it takes a little creativity, but it can be done!  Allow me just one sidebar today...I remember when I was working in Hollywood and a (somewhat) snooty stylist told me she'd never buy jeans for less than $500 let alone sit on an Ikea sofa.  Humm.  I saw on Facebook she's living in a tiny apartment in a not-so-lovely part of Hollywood.  Guess those expensive jeans took priority after a lovely place to hang them!  I, on the other hand, never turn my nose up to a good deal.  While I found some fantastic steals at Ikea (the sofa I found in the as-is section for $75 and the king platform bed was $55 also in the as-is section, were both used as displays) I used other tips I've given in this space to keep costs down.  The magazine holder/mail organizer on the desk in the far corner of the living room is actually a window shutter from an old house I found thrown in a field.  The "art" hanging over the sofa is a Paul Hecht original (note sarcasm) where I took a $5 canvas from Michaels Arts and Crap store, painted it in various colors and let it sit out in the rain for a few minutes before drying.  The lucite nightstands in the bedroom are TV trays I found at an estate sale for $15.  While some people like to slip into an expensive pair of jeans, I get great satisfaction walking into a comfortable home decorated for far less than one pair!