Thursday, May 30, 2013


Sometimes adding a little splish to your backsplash is much easier and far cheaper than you might think!  Don't worry about broken tiles, repairing drywall or an expensive contractor exposing his crack while he fills in yours, this is a true do it yourself project!  Now, if you live in the Taj Mahal or plan on having Martha Stewart for dinner, I probably wouldn't advise stick on tiles...yes, to the lady who just dropped her glass of Orange Juice on the floor in Missouri...I said STICK ON TILES!  I've used these many times in set design, photo shoots and staging projects that called for quick fixes, modern looks and conservative budgets.  No longer do stick on tiles look like hair pieces and fake Lee press-on nails, the designs have come a long way in just a few years and are incredibly reasonable (covering the average back splash area of 12' linear feet will cost you less than $40).  Simply measure, cut with a box cutter, peel off the back and stick away!  Lowes and Ace Hardware carry some interesting designs but many other companies are available online by just doing a quick google search of "stick on tiles."  Go ahead...don't run away from that kitchen update, stick with it with cool, modern sticky tiles!