Thursday, May 23, 2013


If I had a dollar for every time a politician got caught with his pants down I wouldn't be sitting here writing about wieners and Anthony Weiner's wiener!  When we moved to New York five years ago our then senator Anthony Weiner was caught with his pants down (literally with his pants down) and soon thereafter ducked out of politics and the spotlight until now.  Weiner, as the headlines this morning said, has grown a pair and is back "bigger than ever" but instead of diving into the ridiculousness of everything about this man and where his head is (or isn't), I'd rather take a dive into summer.  It is, after all, right around the corner.  One of my favorite things to do during the summer months is to grill out and one of my favorite things to grill, you guessed it, wieners!  Nathans are my favorite, but another favorite is charcoal grilling versus gas grills.  In my opinion, there is no better taste than something..anything..grilled on a charcoal grill.  We grill just about everything, by the way..from our corn on the cob (left in the husks) to pork chops, broccoli to burgers we love it all.  For the occasional summer camping trip I picked up the cute charcoal grill on top from World Market for $24.00.  After testing many charcoals over the last several summers, we love cowboy charcoal ($7 a bag at Home Depot and Lowes).  Summer is here so get your head in the game, zip it up and grill some weenies!!