Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Is it really Wednesday already?  Actually, I should be asking, "am I really that old already??"  I've been absent from my duties here for the last week because I've been busy DOING a lot of the things I blog about...painting, wallpapering, morphing old furniture into new pieces, mowing, planting and, well, preparing to add another notch in the headboard of my life.  So, I'm back with a lot to tell you but today's tip is a rather simple one.  While Joe dreams of a huge, lush garden, sadly the universe hasn't quite figured out how to squeeze a few more hours into each day, so for now we need to take it one step at a time, one plant at a time and one pot at a time.  When attacking a move I often suggest focusing on one box at a time, so we are using the same approach with our patio garden, one step at a time.  I love tomatoes, so we will start there.  Because we live in a deeply wooded area in the Hudson Valley, we have many unwelcome visitors throughout the day and night in the form of deer.  While they drop their bits and ticks in our yard, they also eat just about anything in sight, so this garden will be placed on our deck far out of reach (and munching teeth) of the nasty deer!  For less than $5 I popped over to the Home Depot and grabbed potting soil and a few packages of tomato seeds.  Making sure my pots have a drainage hole and plenty of sun, I added potting soil, my seeds and let mother nature and the massive rain do the rest.
If you dream of planting a regular garden in your yard but have no clue where to place it, here is a simple tip that's guaranteed to tell you where the best sunlight is for that perfect garden...head over to the dollar store and pick up a few solar lights.  Place them in various parts of your yard where you plan on having a garden.  Let them sit for a day then walk around after sunset and see where the brightest lights are and that's where you should place your garden! (cheap lights like those from the dollar store are best for this test because they don't have anything fancy built in to make them shine regardless of sun intensity)