Thursday, May 9, 2013


The other day I heard a rather snooty Manhattan designer say (at the top of her lungs, of course) "I'm having a brown moment and need to feed it!" Humm.  While I could've said many things , I just smiled and moved along.  Had she asked, however, I too was having my very own brown moment that day as I brain stormed for a client who's version of a color wheel is very, very small compared to the rest of us.  Actually, her wheel has only one color..brown.  Don't get me wrong, I love brown and think it's often magical because, unlike some snooty designers, it always plays well with others.  Paint a room the right shade of brown and just about anything will work with it to bring a dramatic pop..blues, yellows, reds, whites...My lovely Mrs. Brown, however, was a tough cookie when it came to convincing her to paint stripes on her wall.  So, I did what I do with anyone questioning my vision..I left in a snit.  Actually, that isn't true...I did leave, but headed to the Home Depot where I bought two samples of browns (for under $10) and a piece of plywood, painted a few stripes and let he sit with the sample for a few days.  When I heard back from her she said she wanted not one room, but three painted with stripes.  She had a very brown moment!
I'm one of those strange people that absolutely hate using blue painters tape.  In my opinion, it never works.  No matter how hard you push it down it still brings bits of paint up when you remove it.  So, here's what I do.  I measure my stripes, how wide I want them, etc. then I use a pencil and trace the lines on the wall.  I take lessons learned as a little kid coloring in a coloring book and apply them here...I slowly paint inside the lines.