Monday, May 6, 2013


I don't like boring people and I certainly don't enjoy boring rooms.  The past few weeks have been packed with clients desperately seeking advice on sprucing up less than thrilling rooms, namely, bathrooms.  Everyone jumps to the same (somewhat irrational) conclusion when I mention sprucing up a bathroom...after screeching at pitches high enough to make coyotes roar in neighboring states, they yelp about budget, expensive renovations, etc. etc.  I always end up explaining that simple tweaks can make drastic differences.  Here are three ways to go from boring to fabulous.
1.) I love to make a half bath as dramatic as possible.  While many think adding dark colors or bold wallpaper in a small space will "close it in" as one lovely client mentioned Friday, that just isn't true.  And, besides, you're in a windowless half bath..that's already pretty closed in!  So, I choose wallpaper with bold, vibrant colors or something unexpected like a chandelier.  A great store in New Jersey called Capital Lighting sells fabulous chandeliers for as little as $100!
2.) Depending on the style of the home and taste level of the homeowner, adding breadboard and a chair rail and painting them both can make an inexpensive, dramatic pop.  If you don't own a saw at home, rent one at Home Depot or Lowes or, better yet, be nice to the guy, give him your measurements and nine times out of ten he'll cut it for you while you wait.
3.) Just about every house I've been in has the large standard mirror above the vanity.  At the very least I like to add molding around the mirror to make it look like a unique, store-bought piece (you can attach molding directly to mirror with liquid nails..comes in a tube for about $5).  In a larger master bath, I remove the mirror entirely and add two smaller mirrors over the sinks.  This gives a far more unique, custom feel and costs next to nothing.