Friday, May 31, 2013

LETS GET PHYSICAL (or just organized)

The weekend is finally here (I know it's been a short week, but hey...) while some people love to ride bikes, kayak, run along the beach or do other outdoor activities on the weekend, I like to get our house organized!  One place that seems to get piled high with junk right before your eyes is the garage.  I just popped my head into ours and it looks like a UPS shipping center with more empty boxes from client shipping's, Christmas gifts (yes, I haven't gotten around to throwing them away yet) birthday gifts, etc.  I just ran out to find packing tape to ship a box and got sidetracked organizing our junk.  So, here are a few things I like to do to make life easier for you (and me) around the house.
1.) The big tools are never hard to find, are they, it's the little things that you can't ever seem to get your hands on when you need the most.  To make life around our house a little more peaceful, I took the time to have three separate tool boxes: one for the house with tools I know we only use inside (screwdrivers, hammer, wrench, etc.), one for the cars and one in the garage that has just about everything in it.
2.) Each guest bedroom in our house has a separate zipper bag filled with clean sheets, winter sheets, extra throws, etc.  No more guessing which sheets fit what bed because each room, each bed has their very own set within arms length.
3.) Instead of packing the area under your kitchen sink with cleaning supplies then dragging them through the house on cleaning day, I have everything each bathroom needs under each sink..comet, scrub brush, windex, toilet cleaner, shower cleaner, etc.
4.) I love hanging things that should be hung, like pools of string for shipping, tying up fallen tree limbs, etc.  Because we have bamboo growing in part of our property (they'll be a blog about that, too, next week because it's taking over our yard) I love to cut bamboo stems and use them as curtain rods, hanging rods, etc. but I also love the inexpensive expandable curtain rods or shower curtains.  By inserting them in a tight space I can easily hang string and other smaller items that seem to get lost in the mess.