Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I'm going to need you to hold your breath, reserve judgement and just go with me on this one for a second.  I, too, was skeptical once upon a time when my very hip Aunt Rita (we call her Alex because we think it sounds "hipper") suggested wallpapering the walls and ceiling in the same toile paper in the master bedroom of her beautiful Carmel, California home.  My first problem; toile paper.  It isn't for everyone and it certainly isn't for every home, but true to Aunt Rita/Alex's form, she knew exactly what she was doing (I went to boarding school not far from her and spent weekends helping gussy up her already sassy weekend we white-washed the beams in her master bedroom.  Again, I thought it was kinda nuts, but the final product was stunning).  When the wallpaper hit the walls and crawled up onto the ceilings of my hip Aunts bedroom, it left an incredibly stunning result and everyone asking, "why didn't I think of that?"  Today when I suggest the same dramatic spin on wallpaper design, I get similar looks I gave her..bewilderment, awkward silence followed by a look that could only say, "is this guy insane?"  But, believe it or not, adding something as simple as wallpaper to your ceiling (not the walls) is incredible.  And, if I have to say this one more time and scream it from the top of a mountain, IT WILL NOT MAKE YOUR SPACE FEEL SMALLER. unless, that is, you live in a tiny, black box.  Go ahead, be brave.