Monday, April 1, 2013


Sometimes my job feels more like a therapist than designer, exercising extreme patience rather than choosing fabrics and paint colors.  But, that goes with the territory and most days I take it in stride.  Today, as I shopped for antique vases for a client I threw patience out the window when faced with a nasty store owner in dire need of therapy.  While Rush Limbaugh yakked in the background on her hand radio, she kept correcting my pronouncing of the word "vase." This upstate New Yawker (who had just referred to two individuals as "yous") insisted it was pronounced "vahz." Rather than explain to her that we were in the Hudson Valley of New York and not in the english countryside, ruled by a monarchy, I let it go, but had to giggle because I've heard this word thrown around our area like beads at Mardi Gras.  For whatever reason some people just feel better mispronouncing words, I guess!  So, to the nasty store owner who said, as I walked out the door, "thanks Pwwall, hope yous enjoy that vahz." FOOOK YOU!
As I collected various antique vases to use in a master bathroom to organize makeup brushes and other grooming accessories, I also picked up a few oversized new vases at Home Goods (for $9.99) to group on an entry table.  So I didn't have to bust my budget on flowers filling the huge vases I used this simple little tip to make the vase overflow with beauty...simply inserted a much smaller vase inside the larger one and filled it to the top with colors that pop!