Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Yeah, I know, I've been repeating a lot lately, but this isn't exactly a repeat Tuesday.  I've found myself this lovely, cold spring diving into hot messes of kitchens across our area.  Maybe people are spending their tax returns or they're just sick and tired of the same old kitchen, but whatever the reason, I've been in more kitchen and bath stores lately than I've been in my own kitchen and baths!  With three very different clients with three dramatically varied kitchens (and budgets) I've had even more fun trying to wiggle as much  design room into their rooms.  My fallback favorite for stainless steel sinks is the Elkay brand, where prices range from $400+, but when pinching pennies I head to Sweden..or at least Paramus, New Jersey's version at Ikea.  The two examples above are as different as my clients this month...one is $799 and the other is $135.  Can you tell which one is which?  The top sink is the winner in the tight budget category for $135 from Ikea, this stainless steel sink is the same size and looks identical to the Elkay product line below.  So why ever go higher?  Some people just love a brand name, that's why!  With the savings I got from purchasing the less expensive sink I was able to upgrade the faucet (always a must in my opinion) and add a backsplash.  I know I sound like a commercial for Burlington Coat Factory, but it's true.  Spend where you can and, more importantly, save when you can!