Wednesday, April 10, 2013


If I had a dollar for every time I sent a text or email with misspelled words (totally unintended, of course) I'd probably own half of Apple!  Yesterday a lovely woman emailed me with a brief statement: "I need help with my urine."  After suggesting she consult a Physician and not a designer, she sent a quick reply, "no, no, my dogs urine!"  Still a tad confused, I assumed she was referring to what many animal lovers deal with on a daily urine, the stench and the often difficult task of getting rid of it!  Because our home is not actually ours, rather our lovely dog Canyon's, we deal with removing pet odors all the time.  Ever notice, by the way, if you bring something new home your pet usually finds an instant attraction to it? Before our sweet love Bones died a few years ago, he was literally on everything in our house.  I bought expensive throw pillows to hide stains he (or his sister) left behind on our sofa, only to find him drooling all over it one afternoon.  It still makes me smile, though, knowing how comfortable he was in our home...and his sister has taken up right where he left off!  One thing I've suggested before and will mention again as we roll into spring and summer, is the great selection of indoor/outdoor rugs, pillows and other furniture pieces that can seamlessly transition from outdoor decor to indoors.  After I discovered Bones love of throw pillows, I ran to Pottery Barn and picked up dozens of outdoor pillows during a fall sale.  The patterns were so simple they easily translated to our interior decor (no frilly butterfly patterns or other outdoorsy themes).  When Bones or Canyon dribbled and drooled (or an over-served guest dribbled or drooled), I could easily wipe up the mess spilled on the outdoor fabric.  Designs in outdoor rugs are becoming more modern and hip, too, with stores like Walmart and Target creating incredible designs for your outdoor spaces.  So beautiful, in fact, I suggest using them inside if you have pets, children or are prone to losing control of your bodily functions.  They're beautiful, inexpensive and incredibly easy to clean!