Monday, April 29, 2013


Ever feel like a total friggin idiot? Welcome to my every day!  So, last week I was on the road A LOT and had my trusty ipad at my side the entire time.  As I patiently waited for my impatient clients while they screamed at tile salespeople for not producing fresco's by Michelangelo at Ikea prices, I typed away on my blog.  As I bounced and bumped home on the train from Manhattan with a bad-breathed wall Streeter asleep on my shoulder, I blogged on my iPad.  While waiting at one of the tackiest furniture stores I've ever seen (complete with free popcorn and candy while you shopped for recliners with coolers attached) I blogged.  Then, this weekend, while browsing fabulous sites for cool things, I noticed NONE of my blogs had posted from last week from my iPad.  Then, in a weak moment, I tossed my iPad over our hill and into the Hudson River.  After all, it's the ipads fault, NOT MINE.  So, today, I need a hand, not a "pad" on the back.
I blogged about this last year and, yeah, I'm blogging about it again because it makes a great gift for Mom, Dad or your house for summer parties.  Several companies are now making cheese cutting boards in the shape of whatever state you want.  Some charge as high as $48 while some (on Amazon) are as low as $19.99.  Don't be cheesy, be happy!!!