Monday, April 8, 2013


I'm sure I'm going to bore the bejusus out of you with this blog because, yep, I'm plugging one of my favorite design ideas yet again...WaLLPaPer!  YES, I have been talking about it a lot because, well, I've been using it to spruce up room after boring room in the last few months.  This simple project was no different.  The homeowner said she was stumped by what to do in her plain, white, drab bedroom, so I put on my technicolored thinking cap and got to work.  The one caveat...she hates fact, even the slightest suggestion of color.  So, rather than dive into the world of the mundane by splashing various shades of white (yes, believe it or not, there are various shades of white ), I decided to smack her in the face with a few deeper hues for contrast. What better way to make a white room pop than to introduce greys and blacks?  Stop twitching, it isn't that scary people!  By adding a beautiful print with black and grey twigs on one wall I was able to bring her floating white bed into a grounded position with an interesting focal point, create depth and interest and, hell, warm the space up a bit!  I swapped out a few white sheets for shades of grey I found online on sale and traded a boring overhead light for a shocking, black pendant lamp.  Even this hard-edged New Yorker cracked a smile when she walked into her new space (unless she was preparing to spit on me).
I mentioned this great design app last week that I downloaded for $9.99.  While it's fairly simple to use, instructional videos are limited to two and I have yet to hear back after I emailed a question on Friday.  But a little time of playing around with it proved invaluable.  You can actually upload real photos saved on your iPad.  So, for example, this client couldn't picture what the wallpaper was going to look like in her room, so I was able to upload this print to her design.  While the app comes with several versions of wallpaper, most are too general and vague, but this little feature made it much easier for my client to envision her future.