Friday, April 5, 2013


It's Friday and I'm in the mood to save some money!  One of the only things I've found that I don't like about are the tiny downloadable images from their site, but other than that I'm SOLD!  I'm working with a client this week who has just landed a fabulous Manhattan apartment and wants to stock it up with over the top modern design elements.  While I love spending other peoples money, I don't like overspending it!  Meet the Saarinen Dining Table, a favorite in mid-century design and the image you can actually see (on the bottom) is from Design Within reach where a 48" version of this table retails for $4,600.  If you squint, grab a magnifying glass or just visit you will see the Saarinen's much cheaper sister (she might be cheap, but she aint slutty!) called the Eero Sarrinen Style table which sells for just $544.72!  I love to mix and match styles, textiles and colors as much as I love to play with price points.  I often use an antique with more modern pieces, blend old fabrics with new (place vintage pillows on a new sofa, for example), so in this case will save on the table and splurge on the chairs.  Sometimes just because you can, doesn't always mean you should! While my client was willing to spend, I convinced her to save!