Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Wasn't I just talking about how much I love repurposing items to give them second chances in life?  When I look around our house I see so many old stars I've allowed to shine on center stage in new leading roles...take the vintage fabric I tipped about a few weeks ago (given to me by a set designer in LA 20 years ago), while I kept some of it safe for use some other day, I turned a few yards into pillow cases, framed a few more unique pieces and hung in a guest bedroom and used yet another swath as coasters in our bar (bought cheap photo coasters at the dollar store and slid the fabric in instead).  I've spray painted old side tables glossy black, turned a 1970's drop down desk into a bar, added a few handles to a vintage mirror and used it as a cocktail tray...attics, garage sales and antique stores are my lands of interior design OZ, where other peoples discards become my treasures.  So when Don from New Hampshire sent me the above photo of a basket lampshade he created, I had to share it (I'll share more of Don's creative genius next week). For less than $10 Don gave a regular basket a bright new future.
On the east coast we have these great stores called The Christmas Tree Shops which sell everything from fake flowers to frames, barstools and food (kinda like Cost Plus on the west coast but cheaper).  Don picked up a basket at the Christmas Tree Shop for $2.99/each then headed over to the Home Depot for a lighting package and chain for $2.50 (he might've had extra in his tool box).  For ventilation and safety he drilled a few holes in the bottom of the basket, made a cut large enough to insert the socket and dropped it in (obviously bottom of basket has become the top of the lampshade).  Pretty bright idea, right?  If you aren't electrically inclined like Don (or are afraid of killing yourself, like I am) buy a plug-in kit at Ikea or your hardware store for about $12 which turns any lampshade or item like this into a lamp instantly!).  If you have a cool idea like Dons you'd like to share, shoot me an email at paul@paulhechtdesigns.com