Monday, March 18, 2013


Don and Jane's Bathroom Before
Don and Jane's Bathroom After

It's funny how living in the northeast has changed the way I approach redecorating my own home.  In California I basically lived in my car, so by the time I got home I was too pooped to think about rearranging furniture.  Well, that isn't entirely true, actually.  Joe would often laugh that he'd come home and toss his keys where the key-catch was that morning only to have them fall to the floor because I had completely rearranged the space.  I've also been known to re-design a guest bedroom while the guest was still staying with us...what can I say, creative energy is hard to squash! For the most part, though, I'd only do major makeovers once a year.  In New York, however, when it's cold outside (which tends to be from October to May) we're often stuck inside, so while many would bundle up next to a warm fire, I'm putting swiffers under furniture and moving everything around!  As we learned the first year living through a cold winter, those long, bitter days are perfect excuses to work on inside projects.  Two people who know exactly what I mean are a great couple from New Hampshire, Don and Jane, who (with help from their pupp Maggie) hunker down for long, cold New England winters, but never let their creative juices dry up!  Take the top photo..which probably looks like many American bathrooms in need of a slight spruce-up (click on images to enlarge).  This creative duo ripped down the wallpaper, painted a modern, yet monochromatic color scheme, and added fun pops like borders and accessories from places like the Christmas Tree Shop.  They've proved once again that it doesn't cost a fortune to make a place look like a million bucks!