Monday, March 4, 2013


Chances are if someone rang your doorbell right now and asked to peek inside your closets they'd look something like the photo on top.  Actually, if someone knocked on my door wanting to see my closets I'd probably think they were nuts and call the police, but if I did let them in, believe it or not my closets are pretty organized.  That isn't the case, however, with many of my clients.  This brings me to today's little story of organization and space redefinition.  Two of my favorite things to do, you guessed it, are organizing peoples junk (if I'm getting paid, that is) and redefining existing spaces, especially when square footage is limited.  Take this messy closet disaster...not different from many of us, I know, but in an otherwise tight upper east side apartment the owners were desperate to carve out a little office space. Because we couldn't build an extension off one of their windows, I reclaimed unused space in this closet and transformed it into an organized, totally self-contained office space.  a rolling drawer unit came from Ikea for $29, wallpaper for the back wall came from Amazon (removable and reusable for $45/roll) and flimsy shelves were replaced with a more sturdy solution.  This little makeover proves that when you're looking to add functionality to your existing spaces, you can often use otherwise ignored nooks and crannies to fulfill your needs!