Monday, March 11, 2013


I miss winter.  There, I said it.  Sure, about a foot of the white stuff dropped on our lawn two days ago, but this morning it was pouring like nobodies business, and with that little wet gift from mother nature, my winter season washed away.  If my hand were held to the fire, though, I'd have to admit that my two favorite times of year in New York are late April into mid-May and late September into mid-October, because the landscape quickly changes its outfit into something spectacular.  In early October our trees shed their lovely hues of green for a deeper shade of soul and in April, after a long winter spent naked blowing in the wind, they spring right back into fantastic, glorious shades of splendid sunlight.  But, we aren't there yet.  Today feels like we're two hours to touchdown after a twelve hour flight, where you're antsy to get wherever you're going and, more importantly, ready to get away from where you've been no matter how fabulous the visit was.  Sorry, winter, it's time to move on!
Once again I've repurposed two of my favorite things for a client this week.  She was sick of winter and wanted a kitchen filled with sunshine, lollipops and fun, so I headed to a hardware store just north of us and purchased a tool table for $45, shined it up and used it as her island (you've seen me buy similar tables at antique stores, Ikea, etc. to use as islands).  To create a few fun, colorful vases I took some leftover mason jars, filled them with paint (flipping over for about an hour to let paint drip all the way down, then let dry for a day) and just like that I took a cold, winter room and made it bloom.