Wednesday, March 6, 2013


While you might need to squint your eyes a bit to see the true tips in these pics, it's well worth it.  One might say I'm bored, to which I would most likely respond that this is what happens when you're at the tail end of a long, cold, dark winter!  Sure, not all of my wacky ideas are useful whatsoever...framing my favorite coasters ended up looking like a sad senior project, wallpapering a mirror was also a bit out there and, yep, I wasn't a huge fan of my vintage handkerchief pillow cover project (the "bumpy" pieces had actually been left behind by the previous owner..word of caution to those shopping for vintage nose-blowers).  This one, however, I thought was kinda cool..unless you have cats, that is!  To make bookends out of useless rope I found in our garage, I simply wound it around used boxes and little jars I found in our recycle pile (I was, of course, bed-ridden with the flu, so had a little extra time on my hands..when I wasn't blowing my nose).  To create fun beach-themed towel racks in a cottage I used a hefty rope found in our local hardware store and strung it along one wall, then wrapped it around a boring mirror I found at an antique store for $5!  Not that I want to rope you into crazy design projects, but hey, these two cost nada!!