Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I'm not afraid to admit I'd take a cold, snowy day over a hot, humid one any fact, I love them!  Well, I love them until the power gets knocked out for a week where we have no water, no TV, no internet..that's not terribly fun, but slowing down life for just a second and enjoying the view, well that's well worth it, I think!  As is typical with northeastern weather, it changes in a second, and what was to be a light rain this Friday is turning into a major nor'easter, expecting to drop over a foot of snow in our area.  What I've learned from past storms (and from living in earthquake country in southern California) is to prepare, prepare, prepare.  Filling the cars with gas, buying water and batteries and stocking up on non-perishable snacks are a must, but there are a few other things I do to make a cold day and little brighter.  If you live in a snow-zone like we do, these detachable cleats are a must and can be purchased at any sporting store for around $ is no joke, and falling on it is definitely not funny, so prepare and you'll be just fine.  I also love to have snacks we can, well, snack on as the snow falls like my Grandma Helen's oyster cracker treats (simply take a packet of ranch dip dry mix, packet of oyster crackers and a few tablespoons of orville redenbacker popcorn oil in a bowl and mix it up) and my all time favorite Guacamole!!  To make it a bit different I add fresh garlic, fresh lime juice, salt, pepper and salsa..yum, yum, yum!!