Thursday, February 28, 2013


This week I've been stuck in a bedroom trying to help a client out of a messy closet.  Frustrated, exhausted and just generally over home organizational projects, my client called me to help rescue her from (what she described as) a life of filth and mess. Yesterday I rescued several great pieces of fabric including vintage dresses, family quilts and beautifully patterned sheets headed for dumpsters filled with other peoples discarded junk.  Where she saw trash, I saw treasures and last week spotted a few vintage Channel and Hermes scarves she'd inherited from her grandmother.  I suggested she grab a glass of wine, take a deep breath and listen to my ideas...
It's no secret I love repurposing and reusing objects I find just about anywhere.  By the way, yesterday I also found a bench she'd planned on throwing out with the recycles until I grabbed it, cleaned it up, dusted it off and reused it as a nightstand (see bottom photo from yesterday).  So, true to form, I couldn't let these fabulous scarfs gather dust in her closet.  Instead, I zipped them over to my upholster (I should probably learn to sew soon) and had him make pillow cases to cover the cheap store-bought pillows she purchased last week.  It's shocking what a little nip, tuck and vintage fabric can do!