Wednesday, February 27, 2013


The last week of February can only mean one thing...spring is right around the corner, so why not use a few of these dark, dreary end-of-winter days to get organized?  While I've shared both of these tips before, this week found me in a clients bedroom managing her high expectations by giving her a reality check.  In huge black trash bags were valuable quilts her great-grandmother had made, vintage scarfs and handkerchiefs (read tomorrows blog to see what I did with those) and other little treasures headed off to a donation bin on the corner of sad and useless.  Because she was overwhelmed by the lack of storage in her Hudson Valley cottage she thought the only solution was to toss, toss, toss but thankfully the boss of design stepped in before she committed a few organizational crimes.  While I'm big on purging, sometimes it's better to repurpose than to throw away completely..and what's better than creating cool designs without spending a dime?
1.) Because a guest bedroom lacked significantly in the closet storage department, the homeowner thought the only solution was to dispose of extra bedding.  To set her straight, I made storage drawers from inexpensive mdf wood from the Home Depot (you can also buy pre-made drawers at Home Depot, Lowes or stores like Ikea and Target).  For a little extra assistance I added casters to the bottom of the drawers so she can easily access them without a problem.
2.) When I pulled a beautiful quilt out of one of the trash bags headed for fabric heaven, the homeowner admitted she had mistakenly tossed it in the haste of her day.  Still, she had no idea what to do with it (afraid her animals would destroy it, she'd kept it stored in a plastic bag for years).  To create an interesting headboard and focal point, I took a curtain rod I found in her garage and hung it just above her bed, draping the quilt over it.
So, the lesson here..before you TOSS, let friends toss out a few design ideas might be surprised what they come up with and how fabulous your old items look using new tricks and tips!