Wednesday, February 13, 2013


As you might imagine, I love finding fun, interesting things wherever I go.  Sometimes when I'm not shopping for a client is when I find the coolest things, and if they're great deals I'll grab them up and save them for that rainy day client.  Last month I designed a hip, modern office space for a client in the city and looked high and low for a reasonably priced coffee table that would fit into her edgy TriBeca loft space.  I ended up finding something at a flea market, spray painting it and adding casters.  Had I hired a fortune teller (or knew someone at Ikea Corporate) I would've known these cool metal tables with wheels were rolling onto the floors of an Ikea and I'd a grabbed one in a heartbeat!  Sleek, simple, unique and different from anything else I've seen...just what I was looking for....last month!
This great little rolling coffee table is available in sassy blue and stark white at Ikea for $19.99!  Grab them before they roll out of the store and into someone else's home!