Friday, February 22, 2013


Is it really Friday already?  I know, I know, who says that, but it's been one of those weeks where I actually wish I could squeeze a few more hours out of the day.  This week I've been helping a very special client not only transform her new space, but transition from married life to the hood of single. When we first met her garage was filled with gorgeous dishes, antiques, beautiful rugs and other treasures with notes attached reading "trash" and "donate."  When I questioned a few of her choices, she snapped back that anything that reminded her of him had to go.  While I understand the need to erase bad energy, I also love positive cash flow, so suggested we list the items on ebay because her trash will most certainly be someone else's treasure!  Intimidated by ebay, she had resisted the online superstore for years but after a few short patient minutes of explanation (ten to be exact) we had created an account, linked it to paypal and posted photos of her goodies.  An hour later the offers were pouring in and she was pouring a glass of wine to celebrate her new found wealth!
It's actually much easier than you think to set up an ebay account and start selling!  If you have larger items to sell like furniture, cars, etc. I suggest listing them locally (an option on the ebay site which won't charge for photos...regular ebay listings allow one free photo upload and a nominal fee for additional shots).  To complete a clients eclectic modern living room design I popped on ebay and scored two retro lamps for under $25.  Missed the deadline to return something or lost the receipt, sell it on ebay?  Confused about how to price something, simply search for it in ebay and choose a price in the middle.  Whatever you do, cash in hand is better than a house full of junk, right?