Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Okay, I know I tend to go on and on about certain things from time to time (you've heard enough about fake candles, so I'll stop) but sometimes I just can't get enough of a  really good thing!  I've talked about after Christmas sales and, guess what, I'm talking about them again!  This afternoon I popped into a local Target and got the same wrapping paper I spent $5 on two weeks ago for $.75 (I know $5 isn't terribly expensive, but every little penny helps!).  I also found other goodies I can pop in my gift closet for birthdays and other occasions throughout the year.  The photos above are two more great examples of how you can take advantage of amazing discounts this time of year.  The funky cocktail glass from Crate & Barrel is on sale now for $1!!!!  Buy a set of six for under $10 and throw in a bottle of something for a great Father's Day gift, summer party hostess gift or save for next Christmas and when the time rolls around you'll be happy you saved money! The fabulous mercury glass vases are on sale now at Pottery Barn starting at $9 with free shipping!  Even if you don't want more ornaments or Christmas decorations of any kind, take that grinch hat off and search the gift sections for discounts of up to 75% on everything from winter throws to serving bowls!  Some of my favorites I check in with every day other than the above are Williams Sonoma, (Crate and Barrel's more hip sibling),, and  After January most of the great holiday discounts start to come off the sites, but some stay live until mid February.  If you miss out you'll just pay full price when retailers put them back on the shelves and online next season.  Sorry, gotta run steal some great deals!