Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Can you tell I'm all about painting these days?  Probably not the best thing when the weather outside is frightful and the only place to create something delightful is in a closed garage, but hey, I've gotta keep busy rain or shine!  Browsing the swede aisles of Ikea last week I stumbled upon the great turquoise folding chairs in the second photo.  My smile quickly turned upside down when I looked at the price..while most things at Ikea are a great bargain, at least in this humble designers unsolicited opinion,  paying $29.99 for a folding chair is never a good thing!  So, after snagging the adorable turquoise metal planters for $2/each (which I'll use to store kitchen tools), I pulled a Martha Stewart and headed to an antique store in northern New Jersey where I landed on two real gems.  For $15 I found two vintage metal outdoor chairs and grabbed two cans of Rustoleum paint at Home Depot for $5.99 and for less than that Swedish Meatball of a deal I had two faboo chairs and one happy client!