Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I'm a little late with my posting today because we were surprised by a lovely snowfall last night which left us without power, Internet or outside communication whatsoever until this afternoon...a nice little break from reality, actually.  When it's cold and dark outside, what better way to brighten a home than to add splashes of color here, there and everywhere!  On the heels of my blog yesterday where I suggested adding drama to drab spaces by dressing up the walls behind cabinets, today takes that tip and dips it in colorful paint colors.  To help clients breathe new life into an otherwise depressing study, I suggested they let go of all control, take a lovely trip to upstate New York for the weekend and leave me in charge of their home (and curious cats).  When they returned on a cold, foggy Monday morning, they were delighted to find a bright future inside where a life of reading and resting in a lovely, re-vamped room awaited them.  While the colors were a bit too SHAZAM for my taste, I found inspiration for the palette by wandering the rooms of their home and pulling bits and pieces from everything I saw.  Painting the bookshelves a glossy museum white by Benjamin Moore played nicely with the louder, more rowdy colors I chose.  To save money from my tiny design budget, I used paint samples from the Home Depot, so covered the entire area for under $10.  While the strange UPS slogan asks, "what can brown do for you" I have seen first hand how a little color has brightened this home.