Thursday, January 17, 2013


My ADD kicked into high gear today when I headed to my medicine cabinet for some relief from a nasty cold only to find one big headache of a mess!  It happens to the best of us..we abandon the empty bottle of allergy pills, leave drips and drops of toothpaste everywhere, never toss that strange gift of scented bug spray from that lovely house guest, and eventually all of those ignored bits add up to one big mess.  A few years ago I discovered a great way to keep my medicine cabinet organized by adding a sheet of galvanized metal to the back (and attaching with heavy duty glue).  Home Depot and Lowe's sell the sheets in various sizes and, if asked nicely, employees will cut to size for you.  Remove shelves from your cabinet, glue sheet in place then replace shelves.  Add magnetic hooks to hang hair accessories, scissors, toothbrushes and small spice containers (found at Pier 1, World Market or any other store that sells kitchen goods) for the little items you don't want to lose.  After a few minutes of reorganizing, I found my medicine, made a cup of tea and relaxed with a clear mind and clean cabinet!