Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Now, I'm clearly no prude, but is it just me or has network television gotten really, really racy lately?  Forget the ridiculous Bachelor nonsense (I think of it as Hooters meets Chippendales) or the idiot Housewives of wherever, but even network programming seems to have gone a bit too far lately.  Channel surfing the other night, I happened upon one show where a man was stepping out of a shower and revealing a bit more than his soap on a rope, so I turned the channel to find a young boy on a popular sitcom saying, "but mom, I totally washed my balls!"  Maybe I'm nuts, maybe I'm just getting older, but boy I miss the days of creative, smart shows like Cheers, Frasier, Seinfeld, West Wing and other programs that were more about wit and intellect than fake tits, big lips and stupid idiots!  Don't get me started on Politicians...but instead of complaining about people dropping their drawers, I decided to organize mine!  If I've said it once I've said it a million times, if you take the time to organize your crapola, you'll never, ever lose it again!  I like buying utensil drawer organizers on sale and using them to keep everything from my office supplies to lightbulbs in order.  And, yes, I own a label fact, I own several and label everything from IT to the drawer it rests in.  You may call it overly anal, I call it totally organized!  Where do the flat sheets go, you might ask?  Look for the label on the shelf.  Where are the extra tubes of glue, AAA batteries and masking tape?  Humm..take a peek inside my drawers and you'll find all kinds of things McDreamy or McSteamy could never, ever give you!!
WHERE TO FIND: I love to use utencil organizers because they fit in just about any drawer.  Don't go to Bed Bath and Beyond, though, and think your 20% coupon means you're saving money.  BB&B typically marks their items up an additional percentage and even with the discount they're still higher than most.  Go to Walmart, Target or Michaels Arts and Crap to get them for less than $3/each!