Monday, January 28, 2013


What better excuse to kick your diet to the curb than a snow day...or Superbowl Sunday???  The gourmet chef in our home mocks my love of cheesy things like Fritos cheese dip and sour cream and onion dip with ruffles chips, but I say to heck with him...when I'm craving something yummy, I just go for it.  I wouldn't suggest eating this every day, but the occasional splurge won't kill you!  The last time I prepared my comfort food favorite, Lora's Tennessee Chicken, I noticed on the back of the Rotel can a recipe for cheese dip, so decided I'd give 'er a try!  If you've got your judgmental cap on, take it right off and just go with me, you might actually enjoy this one!
It is a mildly frightening thought that you can buy warm cheese in a box, isn't it, but, you can!  If you're craving a little comfort food or having a herd over to watch the big game, this great snack will cost you less than $5 and take under 10 minutes to prepare.  Grab a can of Rotel Diced tomatos and green chili's and a package of velveeta cheese.  Slice velveeta into one inch squares and drop in saucepan on medium heat, adding can of Rotel juice and all!  Cook until cheese is melted and serve warm to your hungry guests!!  Okay, gourmet can now take a deep breath...that wasn't so bad, was it?