Monday, December 10, 2012


It happened this weekend.  I stood there, paralyzed by fear as I talked myself off the decorating ledge...enough was enough.  I have officially spent the limit I set a month ago on knick-knack for the holidays and it was time to stop the nonsense (or open a Holiday store).  Typically I give myself a $50 limit on buying new ornaments or hold off until after the craze of the holidays for super-sales...doesn't it make you insane to see everything you bought before Christmas marked down 50% the day after??  Because I pack our main tree with enough ornaments for five trees, some of the others often look like sad trees you'd see in a bank or airport terminal.  Determined to pack all of the trees in our home with as much holiday joy as possible, I revisited some of the older ornaments I'd cast aside.  A few years ago I purchased clear ornaments that ended up doing little to brighten up our trees (I prefer bright colors, silver, glass, etc. that sparkle against the white glow of the tree).  So, feeling a tad crafty, I headed out to my favorite discount shopping center..our front yard..where I found bits and pieces of pine trees, twigs and holly (or at least a red berry that looks like holly).  I popped open the top of the ornaments and slid my found objects right inside (you can also do this with photos, shred paper, pour colorful candy, chop up candy canes, etc.).  By attaching red ribbon to the finished product I took these otherwise boring ornaments and made them the belles of the balls!