Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I used to get lost for hours in legoland when I was a kid, building everything from a supersonic jet to a comfy motorhome, fancy race car to weekend getaway for Mr. and Mr. Lego.  I often fantasized about shrinking down to lego size, hopping into the cool things I'd created and zipping away to a plastic world far, far away (and, no, I don't mean Los Angeles)...if even for just a day.  It's nice to see that even today, in our download an app for everything world of consumption, Legos are still featured on the shelves of toy aisles around the world.  I was as happy as a kid in a candy store when I came across this great life-size collection of Legos on the website, starting as low as $9.99.  Like, is an online auction so you've got to act fast..this one lasts another week, so scroll to the bottom to find these fun, whimsy pieces.  The 2'x2' cube storage box (seen above in various colors under the bed) are $9.99 and larger pieces (also store goodies inside) can be made into chairs (although I can't imagine how comfortable that would be), sofas, desks, etc.  Take a click back in time or just buy a little treat for a unique design!