Monday, December 17, 2012


Ok, I'll admit I've probably exhausted the stories and tips of my favorite item...the battery operated flameless candle...but allow me just one more, okay?  When I first walked into a dollar store I wasn't sure if I wanted to vomit or run screaming into the parking lot, but then I settled down and gave it a try. Just like brussels sprouts and broccoli as a kid, if I held my nose and took it slowly, it wasn't so bad.  Then I actually opened my eyes and checked out a few things on the shelves and wasn't totally disgusted.  Now, would I buy food at the dollar store..probably not...but paper products, cleaning supplies, etc. HECK YEAH!  Then this weekend I spotted my favorite little candle tips screaming out to my shopping cart, so I filled up and decided to test them in my hanging jars.  I've bought the flameless beauties everywhere from Restoration Hardware to the Home Depot, but was pleasantly surprised at this four pack for $1, promising to burn for sixty hours before replacing the battery.  On Saturday night, with a pouring rain pounding our neighborhood, I filled the jars with the candles, lit them and allowed them to do their thing.  The next morning I realized I'd forgotten to turn them off and, hand to the retail gods, these little charmers were still flickering away (these versions have a little flicker effect).  As the jars filled with freezing rain water, these little puppies chugged right along.  Guess where I'm heading to buy MORE???
Because I was blown away by the quality of these cheap candles (who'd a thunk they'd stay lit while getting wet?) I think they'd be perfect for other outdoor decorations, like farolitos (luminaries), lighting up outdoor garland, lining a driveway, etc.  Because they're so reasonably priced (pack of 4 was $1), a great hostess gift might be a glass hurricane bowl filled with fresh berries, pine and a few of these candles.  Whatever you do, grab them while you can and save them for a rainy day!