Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Whether you like it or not, the holidays are upon us, so kick back, relax and raise your glass!  While I love making traditional candy cane martinis, sometimes the holiday party circuit can be a bit tedious (the following day, that is), so pace yourself..better yet, slow it down and enjoy it!  While I love eggnog, it fills me up and makes me feel like I've just eaten four cheeseburgers and a plate of lasagna...not a terrible thing if you're looking to curb the booze calories during the lushy season.  So, slowly sip on this lovely bell of the ball while you toast good cheer and enjoy the most wonderful time of year!
It's easier than you think to make this yummy holiday libation.  While Ms. Martha Stewart calls for making real eggnog in her recipe, I say SC$EW that, make it easy on yourself and just buy good old store bought nog for this recipe:
2.5 oz eggnog
1 oz vodka of your choice
3/4 oz amaretto
as many close friends and family as possible...and enjoy!