Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Are you holiday partied out yet?  If you're feeling over-stuffed on cookies, filled to the rim with eggnog and over the holiday hang-over, chances are you're not alone. The final push in on, though, so don't give up just yet!  After all, this is the most wonderful time of year, right?  One thing that's often far from wonderful is the dreaded host and hostess gift, especially if you have multiple parties to attend.  There are only so many bottles of wine or bundles of cookies and cake one can take, so how about coming up with a little more cheer they can use throughout the year!
I like to use random objects on my tablescapes and I often give more unique hostess gifts, like the rosemary topiary from Smith and Hawken.  The rosemary smells fantastic, is wonderful for cooking all year and the presentation in topiary form can go right to the table as a wonderful centerpiece (I'd place in the middle of your table and bookend with two glass vases filled with ornaments and leaves and/or pine cones).  Everyone from The Home Depot and Lowes sells rosemary bushes at various prices, but most start at $9.99 (less than a boring bottle of wine).  So, cheers to showing up at your next party with something different!