Friday, December 7, 2012


The Christmas Intervention at our house is looming like jury duty or a visit from an annoying relative...I know it's coming, but I just keep praying I can sneak by.  While I continue to push the limits of holiday decor (we currently have six trees and enough decorations to dress the Rockefeller Plaza tree twice) Joe seems to be taking all of my gay apparel in stride.  Last night our dog, Canyon, had more glitter on her face than Liberace and Lady GaGa combined...she ran right into my decorating dilemma as I was unveiling a few glittered ornaments for one of our trees (sometimes even the most decorated trees need a little more dressing up, so I headed to hellmart where I found a few boxes of glittery snowflakes in various colors for $2 for a pack of 20...looks a little like a window display at Taco Bell, but I'm going with it!).  One other thing I love doing year after year when splashing the house with holiday cheer is to fill vases and hurricanes with colored balls.  This season the displays at Pottery Barn blew me away in more ways than one...they were extremely beautiful and ornate, then I looked at the price..the PB examples are in the smaller, lower photo and were $49 for the vases and $19 for a small box of fake pine cones.  After I came down from my high sticker shock, I decided to take holiday matters into my own hands and headed off to Michael's Arts and Crap store where I found two similar vases for $8 total (large was $5, small was $3).  If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know I love to collect leaves and pine cones from the places we've lived and last year I invested in a $5 can of glitter spray paint, so threw some on my pine cones then headed to that wretched hellmart once again where I found a box of twelve glass balls for $2.98.  Done and DONE!  For less than $15 I was able to deck our halls without draining our wells (Fargo)!